There’s already more than enough stuff that demands your attention every day. So, why worry about the condition of your Cat system?


Regardless of the use of your system, Cat Connect means you’re always fully up to date; no matter where you are. Cat Connect gives you insight into the performance and condition of your Cat machines based on the most current data. Clear, well-organised and available 24/7. That way, you’ll never be faced with unpleasant surprises.

What is Cat Connect?

Cat Connect is an intelligent combination of hardware, software and services that help you increase the operational efficiency of your Cat system. Cat Connect converts data into usable information. So you’ll never need to guess again: you can make all your decisions based on data. That way, you can maximise efficiency, increase productivity and lower your operating costs.


Cat Connect helps you


  • Reduce the risks
    You don’t want to do the necessary maintenance too early, but you also don’t want to wait for a malfunction. Thanks to 24/7 insight into operational hours, fuel consumption, load profile, lubricating oil results and warnings, you always know exactly what state your Cat machine is in and when (preventive) maintenance is required.
  • Improve performance
    Thanks to a range of variables that you can track and compare at any time, you know exactly how your Cat machine is performing. So you also have insight into which of those variables can help you improve performance.
  • Manage people
    If you have remote insight into what your Cat machine needs, or does not need at any given time, you’ll need fewer interim inspections. That way, you can manage your workforce in a more efficient and targeted way.
  • Control costs
    The bottom line is that you want the lowest possible operational costs and the highest possible reliability. Cat Connect helps you save on unnecessary maintenance, labour and downtime due to malfunctions. Count your profits.

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