Pon Cat diesel generator


  • Low powers in stock & available online
  • Extremely reliable
  • High performance, low fuel consumption
  • Very compact


The premium quality and excellent operational reliability of Caterpillar diesel generators guarantee that your project can always go ahead.Our diesel generators are suitable for applications in different sectors and branches. From the maritime sector and healthcare sector to data centres and retail. At Pon Power, you will always find a reliable, safe and efficient diesel generator to suit your project. Looking for a high-quality emergency power solution? Watch our plug-and-play Cat GC-diesel generator sets.

Our diesel generators

Cat C1.1 (50 Hz)
  • Maximum rating: 9.5 kVA
  • EU Emission certified
Cat C1.5 (50 Hz)
  • Maximum rating: 13.5 kVA
  • EU Emission certified
Cat C2.2 (50 Hz)
  • Maximum rating: 22 kVA
  • EU Emission certified
Cat C3.3 (50 Hz)
  • Maximum rating: 33 kVA
  • EU Emission certified
Cat C4.4 (50 Hz)
  • Maximum rating: 110 kVA
  • EU Emission certified
Cat C7.1 (50 Hz)
  • Rating: 150 - 218 kVA
  • EU Emission certified
Cat C9 (50 Hz)
  • Rating: 230 - 330 kVA
  • EU Emission certified (EU Stage IIIA)
Cat C13 (50 Hz)
  • Rating: 350 - 450 kVA
  • EU Emission certified (EU Stage IIIA)
Cat C15 (50 Hz)
  • Rating: 365 - 550 kVA
  • EU Emission certified (EU Stage IIIA)
Cat C18 (50 Hz)
  • Rating: 550 - 715 kVA
  • EU Emission certified (EU Stage IIIA)
Cat C32 (50 Hz)
  • Rating: 910 - 1500 kVA
  • Low Fuel Consumption, Low Emissions
Cat 3412C (50 Hz)
  • Rating: 680 - 900 kVA
  • Low Fuel Consumption

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Buying a diesel generator

When buying a diesel generator, this question is key: how will you use it? Pon Power has a wide range of diesel generators for a range of applications which are suitable for different markets. Including the maritime sector. This includes inland navigation, seagoing shipping or yachts. As well as applications on land: in industry, retail or hospitals and big data centres. An important distinction is made between backup power applications and diesel generators in continual operation. When we know how the generator will be used, we can determine which diesel generator set best suits your situation.

Custom-built diesel generator set

Pon Power has a wide range of diesel generator sets.For example, we deliver big and small generator sets with power up to 4000 kVA. There is a choice of standard versions and we also develop custom-built generator sets. This depends on how long a set must be able to run, at what power, whether it runs continuously or whether it is regularly used to start up the engine. You can also choose from a generator set with or without soundproof enclosure and with or without fuel tank.

Worldwide coverage

With a diesel generator from Pon Power, you can rely on the premium quality of Caterpillar.And for a reason. (Operational) reliability of a diesel generator is extremely important. An unreliable power network or risk of a power outage is an absolute no-go. So, Pon is one of the few dealers to offer a standard 4-year warranty and excellent service worldwide. Pon Power delivers to and supports customers all over the world, on the high sea or in the most remote places in Africa: we take care of it!

Looking for an emergency power solution? With a plug-and-play Cat GC diesel generator set, you are assured of certainty at the best possible price and with no unnecessary options and extras.

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