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Marine engines by Pon Cat and MaK

A ship’s engine is its heart. A crucial part that has to keep working wherever in the world the ship may be, and so it has to be built to last. This means that having a reliable supplier with good, global service is extremely important. At Pon Cat, we offer a wide choice of Caterpillar and MaK marine engines that can be used for many different purposes, from powering the onboard grid to complete propulsion for your ship. Our range includes marine engines for seagoing vessels, inland waterway vessels, dredgers, fishing ships, tugboats and passenger ships, and they are available with capacities ranging from 209 bkW to over 16,800 bkW. We also offer Caterpillar diesel generator sets of between 10 kVA and 20,160 kVA. Want to know which engine would be best suited for your specific situation? We will be happy to talk you through your options, regardless of whether you need an engine for a generator or for a propulsion system.


When we say marine engine, we not only mean the engine that powers the ship. Cat and MaK marine engines include all kinds of engines that are used on the water, i.e. diesel generator sets, engines for bow thrusters, pumps, and azimuth thrusters, and engines that are used for fire-fighting purposes. The reliability and quality of marine engines is of huge importance. After all, there is no ‘repair shop’ out at sea. Having a reliable supplier with good service is simply a must.

Custom marine engine advice

When procuring a marine engine, you want to be sure you are choosing the right one for you. That’s why detailed and expert advice is so essential. To give you the right advice, we at Pon Cat ask the right questions first. Where will you be taking your ship? What requirements does the engine have to meet? How will the engine be used? How will the engine be cooled on board? How many hours will it have to run and at what capacity? Will the engine be running under a constant engine load or will there be peak and low loads? Together with you, we will compile the most complete picture possible of your situation, because an engine’s life span is partly determined by choosing the right engine for the right usage conditions.

Emission standards

Given Pon Cat’s commitment to sustainable use of our living environment, we offer the latest technological solutions for marine engines. The new Caterpillar and MaK marine engines are designed to meet the next generation of both European (EU Stage V) and global (IMO III) emission standards. By supplying sustainable, reliable, and safe products, Pon Cat is ready for the new era in shipping.

Reliable partner

Pon Cat is your go-to resource for detailed advice and a wide range of Caterpillar and MaK marine engines. We represent these two top brands with great pride. Caterpillar and MaK marine engines have won worldwide acclaim for their reliability. Maximum uptime and low operating and maintenance costs make Cat and MaK marine engines an attractive option. Both for now and for the future. And we add to that with our service. Thanks to our nationwide service coverage and global Caterpillar and MaK service network, we are able to provide fast, professional, and personalised service. We mean it when we say, ‘We’ll take care of it.’ And Pon Cat not only has a wide choice of marine engines, we can also provide complete ship propulsion solutions, including BERG-branded adjustable propellers, bow thrusters, and azimuth thrusters.

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