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Maintenance contracts


  • Always aware of the status of your machines

  • Reduce the need for repairs and servicing

  • Increase the uptime of your machinery

Maintenance contracts


You obviously want your Cat machines to remain in service as long as possible. For that reason, the proper and regular maintenance of your machines is essential. It will not only prolong the lifetime of the equipment, it will also increase the efficiency of your machines. But maintenance takes time, making it impossible for you to concentrate entirely on your work. With this in mind, we offer you a possibility to take out a maintenance contract with Equipment Management Solutions (EMSolutions). You can do this at the time of purchase of your new machine, but you can also conclude a maintenance contract for your existing Cat machines.


Advantages of EMSolutions


Thanks to EMSolutions, you will always know when, where and how your machines are working. This kind of precise information is more important than ever. It gives you numerous advantages. It can help you to lower your fuel costs, for example, or to reduce your need for repairs and servicing and contribute to a longer lifetime of your machines. Moreover, EMSolutions increases the uptime of your machinery and makes your entire conduct of business more efficient. Data from EMSolutions will show you which operators work like professionals and those who need more training. Daily uncertainties will be reduced and, over the long haul, you will get a better part-exchange price for your machines.


Customised servicing solutions


No matter whether you prefer to maintain your own machines or outsource everything to Pon Equipment, our flexible maintenance contracts always put you in a position to concentrate fully on your core business. EMSolutions offers you tailor-made solutions for optimizing machine uptime and reducing your costs. We do this based on five levels that complement each other:


  • Level 1 – ACCESS: precise and timely insight into your machines

  • Level 2 – INFORM: monthly reports on the consumption of your machines

  • Level 3 – ADVICE: proactive monitoring of your machines

  • Level 4 – SUPPORT: preventive maintenance of your machines

  • Level 5 – MANAGE: unburden your organisation by taking a full-service contract

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