Pon Power oil analysis


  • Prevents damage and unnecessary downtime
  • Continuous insight via SOS online
  • Optimal fuel consumption, efficiency and longer service life

Why analyse oil?


Having a oil test carried out has several important advantages. Constant insight into the condition of your engine and oil prevents damage and unnecessary downtime. Also, a good engine and oil ensure optimum fuel consumption, optimum efficiency and a longer service life.

Preventive maintenance is therefore very important for the preservation of your Cat engine(s). An oil analysis often provides a good indication of the quality of the oil, whether there is wear on the engine or whether the oil is contaminated. To prevent problems with your engine and oil, you can therefore use our SOS service. SOS is a Dutch reference for Scheduled Oil Sampling. You periodically send us an oil sample to be examined in our laboratory. The results are interpreted by the SOS interpreter and documented in a report.


1. Contact us if you want to have an SOS analysis carried out


2. You will receive an SOS sample case with all the necessities


3. Take the oil sample and fill in the oil sample label


4. Send the oil sample to the laboratory


5. Receive results by e-mail and advice in a PDF document

Want to have an SOS analysis carried out?

Please feel free to contact me. I'm happy to help.

Vincent van der Ark - Coördinator SOS Laboratorium

[email protected]

+31(0) 620 060 572

Additionally; SOS online

In addition to the PDF report that is sent by e-mail, we offer SOS online. This portal provides an overview of the submitted samples and historical data. You can also register samples here and print sample labels with a QR code. If you are interested in SOS online, you can request an account via the button below.

Frequently asked questions


How do I take an oil sample?

For an explanation of how to take an oil sample, please refer to the following link

How often should my oil be examined?

We recommend taking an oil sample every 250 operating hours for a good trend analysis. For engines with few running hours, we recommend sampling the oil periodically (annually). Sometimes, a sample must be taken earlier than 250 operating hours, which will be on the advice of Pon Power.

What exactly is checked during an oil analysis?

An oil analysis looks at different parts:

  • Has the correct oil been used? Molybdenum, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, viscosity
  • Is the quality of the oil still acceptable? Viscosity, total base number, oxidation, nitration, sulfation
  • Have the wear values increased? Copper, iron, chromium, aluminium, lead, tin, nickel, vanadium, manganese
  • Is the oil contaminated? Silicon, sodium, potassium, water, glycol

How long does an oil analysis take?

The oil analysis usually takes 48 hours to complete.

What is done with the results of the oil analysis?

We incorporate the analysis results into a report which we share with you by e-mail. This report contains our advice so that you know what the best measures are you can take. The advice is elucidated by using colour codes in the report. Green: No action required, Yellow, Monitor compartment, Red: Action required.

What if the analysis shows the oil is okay?

If the analysis shows that no deviations were found in the oil, we will send you a green report, explaining that the cooling water tests showed a normal result.

The next step is taking a sample in accordance with the normal sampling interval.

What if the analysis shows the oil is not okay?

If the analysis shows that deviations have been found in the oil, we will mention these deviations in the report. In the case of a ‘red’ report, our service department (if a service contract is in place) will contact you to resolve the deviation.

How am I notified of the result?

You are notified of the analysis results by means of a report which we will send to you by e-mail.

What are the costs of an oil analysis?

The costs for a ‘separate’ sample are € 80.00 (ex VAT)

The costs for an SOS contract for oil samples are € 365.00 (ex VAT) per year

Why should the oil analysis be carried out by Pon Power?

We have, by far, more knowledge of your Cat engines than anyone else. Also, the staff at our analysis laboratory have confidential information from Caterpillar, which we use to give you the best possible advice.

Instruction video's


Learn more on SOS-online via My.Cat.Com

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