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  • Flexibility thanks to freedom of choice
  • Stability with control over operating costs
  • Quality delivered by an experienced Cat dealer


Step 1/4 Summary Advice
What data and information do you want to gain insight into?

At Pon Power we have a lot of data and information available for most Cat installations. What information can we help you with? You can tick multiple options.

What do you wish to receive advice about?

At Pon Power we are able to provide you with the best advice about your Cat installation like no other. What matters would you like to be advised on? You can tick several things.

How do you regulate the maintenance of the engine(s)?

We have the best service technicians to maintain your Cat installation. What maintenance do you want us to do for you? You can tick multiple answers. If you prefer not to purchase any maintenance from us, you can skip this question.

What do you expect from Pon Power?

At Pon Power we are always there for our customers. Whenever and wherever. Please let us know what is important to you.

Good choice!

Based on your preferences, we now know that you are interested in the following topics:

Insights in the performance of my installation
Insights in the performance of my installation
Receiving advice
Receiving advice
Maintenance by Pon Power to your Cat installation
Maintenance by Pon Power to your Cat installation
Support from Pon Power
Support from Pon Power

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What can you expect from us? Fill in the form below so we can provide you with clear information based on your preferences. We will contract within two workdays to discuss the possibilities with you. Quick, clear and, of course, without obligation.

Service at Pon Power

What can you expect in each service-agreement? We offer you flexibility with a range of service options. But more importantly, you keep control over your operating costs, you gain better insight into the condition of your engine and get a lot of security in return. That’s why Pon Power’s motto is We take care of it. 

Customised service

Pon Power lets you put together your own agreement. We determine your needs during a meeting with a Pon Power expert. After all, every industry, every company, every ship and every engine room is different.

Do you only opt for insight into data from your engines or do you want more certainty about operating costs, reduce technical risk or more guarantee on uptime? You are in control of anything you add to your service agreement.

To make it easier for you, we have listed several services for you. You decide what to add to your agreement.

Our services

Cat applications


  • Visionlink
    Visionlink is a free portal that gives you 24/7 access to all information related to your system. You can stay informed of all status messages and maintenance. Read more
  • Remote Fleet Vision
    Cat Remote Fleet Vision provides insight into the performance of your Cat engine and how it is being used. Read more
  • Parts.Cat.Com gives you access to 1.4 million genuine Cat parts. The right parts can be found and ordered online immediately. Read more
  • SOS-online
    S∙O∙S online gives you direct insight into the results of the lubricant and cooling water samples you have tested at Pon Power Read more

Pon Power services

  • 24/7 Alarm support
    Our Customer Support Centre monitors system-generated alarms 24/7. If necessary, we proactively advise you on which follow-up actions are necessary.
  • Remote Assistance
    Make use of Pon Power’s expertise remotely, anywhere in the world. Via an online connection, our experts can see your engine room and offer you direct support in solving malfunctions and technical issues. Read more
  • Lubricant analysis
    A systematic lubricant analysis (S∙O∙S) allows you to extend engine life and increase efficiency. During an engine oil analysis, we check the rate of wear of engine parts, the condition of the oil and contamination of the oil. Read more
  • Cooling water analysis
    Many engine failures stem from the quality of the cooling water. Poor cooling water causes rapid wear of parts, resulting in corrosion, cavitation, erosion and temperature problems. A cooling water analysis provides insight into the quality of the cooling water and the degree of wear of components that come into contact with cooling water. Read more

Inspections and maintenance


  • Ta inspection
    This is a basic inspection of your engine’s essential engine systems and settings. Read more
  • Boroscopic examination
    Using a camera, we check the combustion chamber of your engine to determine its current condition. After the inspection, you will receive a report with our findings. This gives you an indication of the condition of the engine and you can prevent problems early.
  • Preventive maintenance
    To extend the life of your engines, maintenance of your Cat engine is necessary and therefore a good investment. Preventive maintenance ensures your engine does not just stop and you can count on your engine at all times. With thousands of Cat engine overhauls under their belts, our experienced technicians know these machines like the back of their hands. Read more
  • Overhaul
    From maintenance to top or complete overhauls: Pon Power is your partner. Read more

What do you need when it comes to service?

We understand that finding the right service can be challenging. Use our service tool and discover your needs in 4 simple steps.


Why a service-agreement?

It goes without saying you want your Cat engines and generators to last as long as possible. But good maintenance requires a lot of energy and time, and you prefer to focus on your own business operations. This is where we come in, as we offer you the option to conclude a service-agreement via Pon Power.

Benefits of a Pon Power service-agreement

  • Always a fixed discount on original Cat parts
  • Fast response times in the event of malfunctions
  • A dedicated Pon Power contact person
  • Periodic evaluation of your engine’s condition
  • Free Remote Fleet Vision


AAs an official Cat dealer in the Netherlands, we supply Cat parts of the highest quality. All genuine Caterpillar parts are made to the highest standards. This Cat quality ensures your system operates optimally. Thanks to global distribution centres and an extensive dealer network, more than 95% of our original Cat parts are available within 24 hours.


Pon Power is the oldest Cat dealer in Europe: we have been an importer and dealer of this renowned brand since 1926. With more than 150 service engineers and multiple service locations in the Netherlands, and a global Caterpillar service network, you can hold us to our promise anywhere in the world: We take care of it.

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