Finding the right solar energy solution isn't easy. What is the best solution for your company? When do you earn back yout investment and even more important; what do you get from this investment?

Pon Power is providing energy solutions for more than 90 years and Pon Power we have the answers to your questions. We give you solid advice and if you choose Cat Solar, you automatically choose the well-known Cat quality, service and warranty.

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We offer the following solar panels


Cat Solar PVC H

  • Type: Half-cel
  • High energy production
  • Available in all-black
  • Productwarranty: 10 years
  • Power warranty: 25 years

Cat Solar PVC H Bi-facial

  • Type: Bi-facial Half-cel
  • Bi-facial glass-glass panels
  • Very suitable for water and field setups
  • Productwarranty: 12 years
  • Power warranty: 30 years

Cat Solar S-line

  • Type: Shingled
  • Highest energy production
  • Highest reliability
  • Product warranty: 25 years
  • Power warranty: 25 years

What our customers say


“Although this was a great initiative from the municipal authority, I was unfamiliar with solar panel technology.”

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Jan Diepstraten - Diepstraten Tuinbouw Etten-Leur - Owner Diepstraten Tuinbouw B.V.



Watch the video of our Cat Solar project for Diepstraten Tuinbouw B.V. 

Our Cat solar specialist

Please feel free to contact me. I'm happy to help.

Marcel Ameling - Accountmanager Cat Solar

[email protected]

+31(0) 6 206 844 76

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