Caterpillar Expands Offerings to Support Maritime Sustainability with Marine Class-Certified Batteries and Shoreside Charging Solutions

Company Applies Electrification Successes Across Industry Sectors to Marine Applications

November 2023 Caterpillar Marine announced today its commitment to create marine class-certified batteries and shoreside charging solutions for the maritime industry. This development enables vessel operators to connect marine assets to shoreside energy supplies to reduce diesel fuel consumption.


Electrification solutions represent an important technological advancement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the difficult-to-abate maritime industry. Providing vessel operators the ability to employ battery power helps futureproof ships and optimize total cost of ownership (TCO).


“Marine batteries and shoreside charging are key components to help lower emissions in the maritime industry,” commented Brad Johnson, Caterpillar Marine vice president and general manager. “This offering supports our customers’ sustainability efforts and positively impacts the industry’s energy ecosystem.”


Caterpillar offers a suite of solutions that provide zero-exhaust emissions to support electrified powertrain solutions onboard vessels through its shoreside charging portfolio. These technologies ensure flexible options including solar PV and hydrogen and hydrogen blend gensets and charging stations that connect to the grid. This development leverages existing Caterpillar electrification innovations successfully utilized in the resource and construction industries.


Want to know more about this development? Contact Bjorn Hoefnagels, manager New Business at Pon Power: [email protected] or +31610419497.


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