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Pon POwer News september 2021

With this magazine we will keep you informed of trends and developments in the market, innovative projects and new services and products from Pon Power. In this issue you will read about:


  • Maverick Dutchman conquers the jet set
    In a short time, the Dutch/American company Vanquish Yachts has carved out a unique position for itself in the global (super) yacht building market.

    Read the story about honest Dutch entrepreneurship and doing what you are good at.

  • Even a major engine manufacturer can sometimes find itself in a tight spot
    As a technical service organisation, Pon Power frequently has jobs where the engineers can install a Cat engine without being disturbed and with plenty of space. However, there are also situations where it all becomes a bit trickier. This was the case with the University of Amsterdam.

    Read more about this project with interesting logistical problems.

  • Sustainable combustion engines through alternative fuels
    The energy transition is a global challenge in which developments follow each other at a rapid pace. As more and more alternatives for fossil fuels become available, this is a great moment for an update.

    Read the interview with Joost Schapendonk, Marketing & Technology Director at Pon Power, about the state of affairs.

  • Topaz Tangaroa: challenging project, brilliant result
    Every technical job is different. Sometimes a simple routine job can create enormous problems. At other times, an extensive and challenging project can go extremely smoothly.

    This was the case for the work on the engines of the Topaz Tangaroa, read the article.



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