More than 250 places in the Netherlands are suffering congestion problems on the grid caused by higher energy consumption and feed-in of 'green' energy. This results in power shortages and even sustainably generated power can only be used to a limited extent. Because increasing the capacity of the grid is not a solution in the short term, a Pon Cat microgrid can provide support.

  • High quality, scalable microgrids
  • Proven performance and reliability
  • Design, installation and 24/7 service and maintenance

Microgrid by Pon Cat

Pon Power offers a complete range of microgrid solutions, varying from 10 kW – 100 MW. These are set up so that they exactly reflect your business situation and meet your requirements. The Pon Cat microgrid solutions offer a reliable power supply which minimises CO2 emissions and fuel costs. So, you can improve the sustainability of your business processes with a continuous power supply.

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What is a microgrid?

A microgrid is a standalone power network. Together with existing, local assets like gas engines, solar panels, emergency power installations and energy storage resources like batteries, it is a sort of mini version of the standard energy grid.

Watch the video to see how a Pon Cat microgrid solution works and how you could benefit.


Why choose a Pon Cat microgrid?


  • 95 years' experience


A dedicated team with more than 95 years' experience in energy solutions advises and supports you during each phase of the process.    


  • 24/7 service  


The Customer Service Centre monitors your installation 24/7. If anything goes wrong, you can be sure that we are always one step ahead of any risks. And with 170 service technicians, we are always on site fast.  


  • Optimal design 


High quality, scalable microgrid system that is designed and built using standardised components which are quick and easy to install.


What is a microgrid composed of?



1. Solar panels


A Pon Cat microgrid system is powered by advanced half-cell solar panels. These solar panels deliver a superior performance in all climates and applications and generate more energy than conventional silicon solar panels. Furthermore, independent lifecycle and stress tests show that these robust solar panels exceed industry standards (including Thresher, IEC, ISO, UL, CSI, MCS, CEC and other international standards). Our solar panels have a 25-year performance guarantee and are also scalable, fireproof and easy to install.

More about Cat Solar


2. Generator sets


Pon Cat has a wide range of reliable, energy-efficient diesel and gas generator sets in the power range from 9.5 to 4000 kVa. From automatic switching systems, emergency power installations to switching installations for seamless integration. Generator sets are suitable for many different gases, including fault-sensitive gases, like landfill and sewage gases. Furthermore, our diesel engines are suitable for biofuel (HVO) and our gas engines for hydrogen blends. From configuration, installation, operation to aftercare: Pon Power delivers complete solutions.

View generator sets


3. Grid controller


Based on algorithms, the Cat Microgrid controller (MMC) calculates when which energy source can optimally be used. In doing so, the smart MMC also considers the features of the electricity grid, the chosen energy storage and the load requirements. You are therefore always assured of a reliable power supply at the lowest costs 


4. Energy storage


Together with Cat, Pon Power offers a wide range of technologies for energy storage, from traditional lead and lithium-ion batteries to revolutionary, rechargeable metal-air batteries (zinc-air) which offer the most efficient energy storage. Integrated control and monitoring at cell level are included. Thanks to the completely flexible assortment, you can also combine these technologies and modular expansion is an option.


5. Remote monitoring


With Cat Connect, you can monitor the operation of your smart microgrid system 24/7. From your phone, computer or tablet, you can immediately highlight potential problems, get insight into costs and solve problems remotely.

More about Cat connect

Our microgrids specialists

Please feel free to contact me. I'm happy to help.

Nico van den Biggelaar - Sr. Account Manager Energy Systems

[email protected]

+31(0) 651 269 525

Frequently asked questions


What is a microgrid?

A microgrid is a standalone power network which operates together with or independently of the traditional energy grid. Local, sustainable energy sources are integrated in the grid and, depending on the situation, may or may not be connected to the traditional energy grid. In other words, a microgrid is a mini version of an electricity grid as we know it.  

What is a microgrid used for?

A microgrid provides a business user with the power required to guarantee optimal and uninterrupted business operations/business processes.

When will a microgrid be used?

A microgrid is used when the required energy demand cannot be met due to limitations of the current energy network. A microgrid can also be used to function as an independent energy network when a connection to the regular energy network is not yet available.

How does a microgrid work?

A microgrid consists of 3 important components to enable it to work. A microgrid includes an installation for local energy production, an energy storage system (batteries) and a smart control system. 

What does a microgrid cost?

The costs of a microgrid depend on the power, the assets and any available grid connection. The purchase price of a microgrid can therefore vary from several thousand euros to several million euros.

How long does a microgrid last?

Firstly, good maintenance of the assets is vitally important for its lifespan. If it is maintained well and used in the right way, a microgrid can operate for around 80,000 hours before it requires replacing or overhauling.  

What is the best microgrid?

The main criteria are that the microgrid is reliable and that it generates power when this is necessary. Pon Power uses practically proven Caterpillar quality and reliability. In combination with the excellent service of the official Caterpillar dealer network, to which Pon Power belongs, you are assured of the best microgrid.

How much power does a microgrid generate?

A microgrid generates exactly the amount of power required to guarantee an uninterrupted business or production process. The amount of power is always optimally aligned to the business process. If, for example, consumers need a power of 800 kVA and the rated output of the microgrid is 1100 kVA, the microgrid will generate 800 kVA (so not 1100 kVA). 

What maintenance does a microgrid need?

The maintenance required by a microgrid depends on its number of operating hours. Pon Power B.V. offers customised maintenance contracts for all components of the microgrid, assuring you of a reliable installation. 

What microgrid do I need?

That depends on the required power, the available grid connection, the business processes and the sustainability and/or reliability wishes of the customer. It also depends on how and in which order users are switched on. At Pon Power B.V., we can expertly advise you on various microgrid questions. Any questions? Please contact us.  

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