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Pon Power expertise: available instantly, anywhere in the world

You want to be able to rely on the expertise of your Cat dealer anywhere in the world. This is now easier and more accessible than ever before. With Remote Assistance, Pon Power offers you the expertise you are used to, instantly available when you need us. With Remote Assistance you will be provided with direct assistance from our technical experts. 



Do you have a technical problem with your installation and do you want to use this service? Click the button below and agree to our terms and conditions first. After filling abd submitting the form please use one of the telephone numbers below.


Our service is currently in a pilot phase and is available Monday - Friday (CEST). You can also contact us via: [email protected]


What is Remote Assistance?

Remote Assistance is a new service from Pon Power that provides instant remote assistance for technical questions regarding your Cat application. Instead of sending a technician to your location, you will be provided with online assistance from our experts.


The benefits of Remote Assistance?


  • Speed: You will be directly connected with one of our experts, instead of our technicians travelling to your location.
  • Less expensive: You save costs because our technicians have no travel time.
  • Safer: In times of a pandemic, we can safely and remotely provide you with the service you are used to from Pon Power.
  • Worldwide coverage: With Remote Assistance, we make it possible to provide instant service anywhere in the world.


Service rate


  • Hourly rate for this service is € 99,50


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