24/7 insights and control

  • 24/7 Insights into your Cat system

  • User-friendly interface

  • Optimisation of the machine use

You’re constantly looking for ways to improve the performance of your Cat machine(s) and to control operational costs. That’s why we offer you Cat Remote Asset Monitoring (Cat RAM). Cat RAM offers you 24/7 insight via a user-friendly interface into the most important data in your Cat system.


How does cat ram work?

The system uses current data from your Cat machine(s). The data are converted in real time to clear and well-organised graphics you can monitor from any PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Cat RAM offers insight into operational hours, fuel consumption, load profile, alarms and location. This means you get insight, at a glance, into the performance of the machine, how it is used and the condition it’s in.


If you combine Cat RFV with Pon Power’s Systematic Research Lubricating Oil (SOS), you’ll have even more insight into the health
of your engines. Timely response to reports of deviating values in the machine control system means you’ll always be on time. And if you’re using several machines at once, you’ll also be able to cross-compare the parameters. That way, you’ll always make the right choice concerning optimum deployment and maintenance.


What can you do with Cat RAM?

  • Insight into performance & history of the machine
  • Better maintenance planning
  • Faster response to deviating values
  • Cross-comparison of different machines
  • Optimisation of the machine use
  • Greater continuity and reliability of your machine



If you would like to know more about Cat RAM please contact your account manager.


Cat RAM is part of Cat Connect , an intelligent combination of hardware, software and services that help you increase the operational efficiency of your Cat system. 


Have a look at our Cat Remote Asset Monitoring video and get a first impression.

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