5Reasons to work with Pon Equipment in your daily tasks around your farm.

1Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), high profit
  • Reliable quality
    • The robust machines and engines of Caterpillar are built for a long and sustainable service life.
  • Extend the lifecycle with regular servicing
    • Opt for one of our servicing contracts and let us relieve you of the work.
  • High part-exchange value
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Rebuild your machine or sell it on the global market.
Robuuste producten power
2Robust products that support you even in the roughest conditions

The robust products of Caterpillar support you even in the roughest conditions. The constant search for innovative techniques means the products are continually being optimised. Caterpillar products always perfectly meet your ever-changing needs and wishes.

gemakkelijk om zeken mee te doen, we take care of it
3Easy to do business with: we take care of it

As an exclusive Caterpillar dealer, we know how important Cat machines and engines are to your business. That is why we offer you 24/7 support and have a forward-looking approach to servicing that guarantees the lasting quality of Cat machines and engines. In this way we support the continuity of your company, day in, day out, for years and years.

Reasons PENL - Hoge restwaarde.JPG
4High residual value

Thanks to the sustainable designs, advanced techniques and long lifecycles of Caterpillar machines and engines, you will enjoy a higher residual value for your equipment at the end of its in-service life.

Lange levensduur van de machine
5Long lifecycle of machines

Caterpillar machines and engines are designed sustainably and have a long lifecycle. With regular maintenance by one of our qualified engineers, you will be able to minimise downtime and at the same time extend the equipment lifecycle.

Agriculture/small infrastructure


Work in the agricultural sector is physically strenuous, highly diverse and requires a lot in terms of your flexibility and the flexibility of your machinery. This applies to everything from planting, growing and harvesting all the way through to feeding, fertilising and milking. No matter whether you grow flowers, keep cows or cultivate vegetables: you must always be able to rely on your equipment and prevent unnecessary downtime as far as possible. That is why the reliability of your machines is so important.


Reliable and versatile machines


Besides their reliability, the versatility of your machines is also very important. Multifunctional machines can support you in your work on multiple fronts. Examples are wheel loaders for moving bales of hay, feeding cows or cleaning out stables. Caterpillar machines are multi-deployable and also expandable by adding specific components and tools. You will be ready for every situation and every job.


Machines that make your work easier


Above all, the machines that you use every day need to be comfortable and practical. They must perform physically arduous work and make your job easier. Simple manoeuvrability and optimum ease-of-use are key factors. Do you want to work more efficiently and rely fully on the machines you work with, day in, day out? Then opt for Caterpillar machines. With rapid response times, online monitoring and our expert personnel, we will keep you operational no matter what.

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