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300.9D hydraulische minigraafmachine

About the Cat 300.9D Mini Hydraulic Excavator


Caterpillar is pleased to announce the introduction of the 300.9D sub 3 tonne mini excavator machine. The 300.9D expands the Cat® Mini Excavator offering. Most notably, the new 300.9D sub 1 tonne class provides customers with a lower cost unit for entrance into MHE ownership.


Operational Data
Digging Force - Bucket 2000 lb
Digging Force - Stick 1011 lb
Operating Weight - With Safety Frame 2170 lb
Operating Weight - Without Safety Frame 2061 lb
Net Power 13 HP
Rated Speed 2100 r/min
Diesel Tank Volume 2.64 gal (US)
Displacement 52 in³
Flywheel Output ISO 13 HP
Gross Power - ISO 14396 18 HP
Maximum Engine Output 18 HP
Operating Weight - With Safety Frame 2170 lb
Operating Weight - Without Safety Frame 2061 lb
Operating Weight 2061 lb
Boom Swing Angle - Left 55 °
Boom Swing Angle - Right 56 °
Height - With ROPS Safety Frame Folded Down 4.94 ft
Height - With ROPS Safety Frame Unfolded 7.47 ft
Length - Undercarriage 4 ft
Maximum Dig Height 9.39 ft
Maximum Digging Depth 5.68 ft
Maximum Dozer Dig Depth 7 in
Maximum Dozer Lift Height 8 in
Maximum Dump Height 6.68 ft
Maximum Reach 10.09 ft
Maximum Reach - Ground Level 9.92 ft
Maximum Vertical Dig Depth 4.43 ft
Minimum Front Linkage Swing Radius 3.77 ft
Tail Swing Radius 2.41 ft
Track Width 7 in
Transport Length - Arm Lowered 9 ft
Undercarriage Width - Extended 2.83 ft
Undercarriage Width - Retracted 2.33 ft
Width 2.4 ft
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 3.7 gal (US)
Operating Pressure Pivot 1015 psi
Operating Pressure for the Work and Travel Hydraulics 2466 psi
Chassis and Swivel Gear
Ground Clearance 5 in
Ground Pressure 3.5 psi
Machine Swing Speed 8 r/min
Track Width 7 in
Travel Speed 1.12 mile/h
Operating Specifications
Machine Overhang 12.5 in
Stick Length - Standard 34.8 in
Dozer Blade
Dig Depth 7 in
Height 8 in
Lift Height 8 in
Width 28 in
Noise Emissions
Sound Power Level (LWA) (to 2000/14/EG) 93 dB(A)



Compact Dimensions

Compact Dimensions
With an overall width of only 730 mm (2 ft 5 in) the Cat® 300.9D can easily drive through narrow passages and doors. Both indoor and outdoor jobs are now accessible with the under 1000 kg (2,205 lb) weight making easy trailer transportation between sites possible.
Extending Undercarriage and Blade
An extending undercarriage and fold out dozer blade allow the machine to be configured for excellent working stability and optimum performance. Easy retraction, controlled from the operator's seat, enables the machine to pass through narrow openings.
Foldable Safety Frame
A protective ROPS safety frame structure mounted on the front of the machine allows fitting of a guard for extra operator protection during hammer use. The structure folds down in a few seconds for easy machine transportation and storage.

Performance and Durability

Powerful Engine and Hydraulics
The 13.7 kW (18 hp) engine and perfectly matched hydraulics provide efficient, economical and reliable performance for the toughest of jobs. The matched cooling system is designed to accommodate working within confined areas and also the powerful Cat® hammer. Low noise and vibration levels deliver comfortable operation.
Hose and Cylinder Protection
Bucket hoses are well protected within the boom and the cylinder is mounted above the structure to increase the machines durability for working in tough environments. The clean lines of the front linkage also provide excellent visibility to the digging area.
Auxiliary Hydraulics as Standard
The 300.9D is fitted with auxiliary lines for hammer operation routed down to the stick. Locating the connecting point close to the work tool reduces connecting hose lengths and potential for damage.

User Friendly Operation

Simple Controls (Ease of Use)
The operator area is spacious and laid out to provide comfort and ease of operation. Smooth, precision operation of functions is possible from independent controls allowing all skill levels to be productive with little practice.
Extending Dozer Blade
Blade extensions simply rotate and lock into position allowing the machine to be quickly configured for narrow width or maximum blade coverage. Locking pins and extension plates are retained with the machine to reduce potential for lost or damaged components.
Service and maintenance time is reduced to a minimum with a simple to open steel engine cover and all maintenance and greasing points easily accessible.

Customer Support

Customer Support
Product supported through the Cat dealer and worldwide parts network aimed at minimizing downtime.
  • Finance options
  • Warranty options
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Help and advice in product and option selection to maximize efficiency and operating profitability
Work Tools
A range of tools is available to take advantage of the machines versatility. All tools are matched to the machine to optimize performance and deliver excellent value through high productivity and long life.

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