Cat CB2.9 Utility Compactor

Tandem Vibratory Rollers

About the Cat CB2.9 Utility Compactor


The CB2.9 is a 3 to 3.5 metric ton machine with 1300 mm (51") drums. It is a versatile machine that can be used as the only vibratory roller on small sized jobs or on larger jobs as a support roller for high-production rollers. Its high amplitude and drum width give it the capacity to achieve a tons-per-day production rate that make it an excellent match for shoulders, small parking lots, lane additions or other similar sized jobs.


Operating Weight 2700 kg
Maximum Operating Weight 3278 kg
Operating Specifications
Standard Compaction Width 1300 mm
Drum Offset 40 mm
Static Linear Load 12.4 kg/cm
Travel Speed - Maximum 12 km/h
Gross Power 22.9 kW
Overall Length 2575 mm
Wheel Base 1800 mm
Overall Width 1412 mm
Height - ROPS 2700 mm
Vibratory System
Centrifugal Force per Drum - Maximum 34.9 kN
Centrifugal Force per Drum - Minimum 15.5 kN
Nominal Amplitude - High 0.56 mm
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank Capacity 60 l
Water Spray Tank Capacity 200 l



Simple Operation

Intuitive Controls
Intuitive, multi-function control panel with vandal protection enables good performance. Easy viewing analog display and vibrant LED lights on the control panel simplify operation in both day and night operation. The integrated vandal cover provides protection.
Analog Display
The analog display provides quick reference to fuel level, coolant temperature, and hour meter.
Nighttime Operation
Roading and working lights include front lights with turn signals, a single rear working light with turn signals, and a warning beacon.
Foldable ROPS and Canopy
Powerful lift cylinders enable a single person to raise and lower without the use of tools. A fixed ROPS is also available. The foldable canopy is compatible with the foldable ROPS.

Efficient Compaction Performance

Vibratory Drums
The vibratory system is equipped with automatic vibration de-activation when the propel lever is in the neutral position. Vibration is available on front only or both drums. The exclusive eccentric weight shaft delivers quick starting and stopping times and a bearing service interval of 3 years or 3000 hours.
Frequency Selection
Two frequency selections deliver excellent compaction performance and low sound levels. Selections of 60 Hz (3,600 vpm), 48 Hz (2,880 vpm) are available.
Drum Offset Capability
A 40 mm (1.5“) drum offset capability enhances control near curbs and offers more coverage.

Best_In_Class Water Spray System

Performance Enhancing Features
The protected spray bar is designed to fight winds, while a low water level indicator keeps the operator informed. A single water tank with a capacity of 200 L (53 gallons) provides more hours of operation between refills. The intermittent and continuous modes increase control and efficiency. Triple filtration in the tank, before the water pump, and in spray nozzles provides reliability. A single point drain and filter simplifies service.
Spring Loaded Scrapers
Spring loaded scrapers keep the drums clean and distribute water evenly for reduced consumption. Robust, retractable hinges help maintain contact with the drum and retract when roading to reduce unnecessary wear. Scrapers are located at the front and rear of each drum.

Optimized Power

Powerful Cat Engines
An electronic control module (ECM) helps enable steady operation. The Cat C1.5 engine includes an electric fuel-transfer pump and fuel tank sized for 8-12 hours of runtime. Two engine speed settings enable operators to customize to the specific application and environment.
Traction Control
A traction control option is available in a pin-on design that offers quick installation. Field retrofitting can be completed in an hour.
High Ambient Cooling
The cooling system provides ambient capability of 49°C (120°F) @ 80 percent load. The hydraulically driven fan motor enables variable speeds and reduces sound levels.

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