Mak M 25 E


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Power Rating
Power Range 2100-3150 kW
Engine Specifications
Speed Range 720-750 rpm
Emissions IMO II / IMO III with SCR
Aspiration Turbocharged
Bore 10 in
Stroke 15.78 in
Rotation from Flywheel End Counterclockwise/Clockwise
Configuration Inline 6,8,9 Cylinder
Swept Volume 1244.89 in³
Dimensions & Weights
Minimum Dry Weight 46738 lb
Minimum Length 190.6 in
Maximum Length 241.3 in
Minimum Height 133.3 in
Maximum Height 152 in
Minimum Width 81.9 in
Maximum Width 87.8 in



For IMO III emissions the MaK M 25 E is delivered with a Scheme A factory certified SCR solution and a factory EIAPP certificate, simplifying installation and commissiong work significantly. Caterpillar's SCR technology minimizes total cost of ownership by cutting the diesel and urea expenses by offering the lowest total fluid consumption at optimized engine and SCR life time.


5% more power, Leading load response

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel Efficiency
A typical offshore supply vessel operator can save up to $ 250,000 per year in fuel cost.The part load efficiency of one M 25 E can save up to 40 tons of fuel per year in a variable speed application (average 60% load). Low load variable speed capability can save 50– 60 tons per year versus constant speed applications (average 20–25% load).


Unmatched reliability based on the proven MaK M 25 C so you always get home safely, even in the worst conditions.

Higher Uptime equals More Revenue

Higher Uptime equals More Revenue
Extended times between overhauls to reduce lay-days for maintenance.

Unique Solutions

Unique Solutions
Combined with propellers designed and optimized for vessels' normal cruise speed, the part load optimized M 25 E is developed for vessels where maximum engine power or propeller thrust is only required for a fraction of the operation time. Operational cost benefits are achieved by operating propellers and engines at best points of efficiency.

Onsite Product Support and Online Monitoring

Onsite Product Support and Online Monitoring
The new Monitoring Alarm and Control System (MACS) from Caterpillar provides additional functionality regarding engine control, diagnostics, and remote monitoring, including the option to extend the features to engine related systems like SCR's (Selective Catalytic Reduction) where customers have elected to reduce NOx related taxes or harbor fees.



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