Mak M 20 C


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Generator Set Specifications
Minimum Rating 979 kWe (1224 kVA)
Maximum Rating 1726 kWe (2160 kVA)
Engine Specifications
Configuration 6,8,9 Cylinder
Bore 7.87 in
Stroke 11.81 in
Swept Volume 573.62 in³
Generator Set Configurations
Emissions/Fuel Strategy IMO II
Generator Set Dimensions and Weights - Dependent on Generator Type
Height 2833 mm - 3010 mm (111.5 in - 118.5 in)
Length 6073 mm - 7125 mm (239.1 in - 280.5 in)
Weight 18.8 t - 30.0 t (41447 lbs - 66139 lbs)
Width 1680 mm - 1816 mm ( 66.1 in - 71.5 in)


HFO/MDO – Long TBO and lifetime

HFO/MDO – Long TBO and lifetime
Long maintenance intervals and the life of components are the basis for low operating costs.

Complete engine

Complete engine
The engine is marketed with a standardized range of installed pumps and filters. Interfaces for fuel, lubricating oil and cooling water systems are located at the opposite end of the crankshaft coupling for ease of connection.

Reliable energy supply

Reliable energy supply
The complete diesel generating set is notable for its ease of installation, reliable operation, ease of maintenance and good component accessibility. The basis is formed by the rigid base frame as foundation of the engine and alternator with integrated oil sump, large oil volume and universal equipment for both HFO and MDO operation.

Complete propulsion systems

Complete propulsion systems
System responsibility and supply from a single source, accurately matched interfaces, coordinated delivery data control.



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