Injector test

Injector test


  • Insights into the status of injectors
  • Better performance, less fuel consumption
  • Reduced ‘total cost of ownership’

Injector test

Of course you want your Cat engines to perform at their best. That is why it is very important that your electronic injectors work optimally. A malfunctioning injector not only reduces performance, but also increases fuel consumption, more soot formation, more visible smoke and higher emissions. Have injectors tested so that you know in time whether you can still use them or whether they need to be replaced.

How does the injector test work?

During an engine overhaul, the injectors are removed from the engine. They are cleaned and tested without disassembly. Response time and yield are considered at full load and idle speed. You can see the results of the test in a clear overview report. This gives you insight into the condition of the injectors and we provide advice on reuse or replacement. Measuring is knowing.

Advantages of an injector test

Typically, all injectors are replaced during an engine overhaul. About 20% of the cost of an overhaul therefore consists of replacing injectors. With the injector test it is possible to save on these costs. You know the status of the injectors and thus make an informed decision. This results in a lower "total cost of ownership". The test is available for the C4.4, C6.6, C7.1, C9.3 to C13, C15, C18, 3406E, C27, C32 and 3500 series.

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