Par test

PAR test for ship engines


  • Insight into engine status

  • No unexpected downtime or high costs

  • Longer lifetime

PAR test for ship engines


No matter how well your engine works, if the reversing gear and propeller are not geared properly to the engine, your ship will always perform below standard. To align the parts of your ship engine optimally with each other, you can use our PAR test. The test provides an insight into the condition of the entire propulsion system. It test is performed during the initial sea trial of the ship or after installation of a new or overhauled engine. This gives you a benchmark for future tests and instantly tells you whether everything is working optimally.


How does a PAR test work?


During a PAR test, we will extensively inspect and test the engine, including the cooling water, ventilation and exhaust systems. Fuel consumption will be compared with the original engine specifications. This will be followed by an examination of whether the engine, reversing gear and propeller are geared together in such a way that together they produce the right power and ensure optimum fuel consumption. Our recommendation is to perform these tests under realistic conditions, as part of a sea trial with at least an 80% load. After the test you will receive a report that describes the condition of the engine plus any recommendations for follow-up steps to get your installation back into top condition.


Advantages of a PAR test


A PAR test gives you an insight into the prevailing condition of your system. By means of a periodic test, you can schedule repairs and maintenance in good time and avoid future breakdowns. Besides preventing degraded performance and hazardous situations, the PAR test importantly prolongs the lifetime of your equipment. There will be no unexpected downtime or unforeseen high costs. Your installation will remain in top condition.

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