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  • Two repair levels

  • Avoid downtime and extend equipment lifetime

  • Reduce costs



Cylinders are the driving force behind your engines. Over the years, cylinders can wear out for all kinds of reasons. Avoid wear and tear to retain the power of your machines. Besides avoiding engine downtime, you will steer clear of unnecessarily high costs. Ultimately, this will prolong the lifetime of your engine.


Repair options for every situation


Two different repair options assure you of the right help no mater what happens. The options are:


  • Level 1 – Seal kit: replacement of cylinder seals

  • Level 2 – Honing: the same work as in level 1, plus the honing of the cylinder barrel in accordance with the prescribed tolerances.


Replacing cylinder seals helps keep out external dirt that contaminate and can even damage your hydraulic systems. Honing cylinder barrels repairs damage and prevents internal leaks.


Advantages of preventive cylinder repair


The cylinder repair service has a number of advantages. For example, the preventive replacement of parts will reduce the risk of unwanted downtime and high costs. Leaks will be identified before it is too late. And optionally you can choose to have your cylinder disassembled on site. It will be taken to our workshop, repaired and returned to your machine.

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